Splendour & Squalor: Marcus Scriven
Marcus Scriven

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About Marcus Scriven

Marcus Scriven read History at Oxford, was briefly a soldier, then became a journalist, initially for the Sunday Telegraph, later for the Evening Standard, before researching and writing Splendour & Squalor, an odyssey which led him to Australia (twice), to Her Majesty’s Prison Camp Hill (as a visitor), to Ireland, Jersey and Kenya. He spoke to undertakers, firemen, crematoria operators, as well as to peers and pensioners and members of the families scrutinised, and was a leading contributor to Channel 4’s documentary on Victor Hervey, 6th Marquess of Bristol, broadcast in March 2009, a few months before the publication of Splendour & Squalor.

He has, for many years, contributed monthly profiles to The Insurance Insider, a specialist, subscription-only periodical: a role which offers a regular reminder that moral deficiency is not exclusively exhibited by those on the ‘down-escalator’ of life. He is now researching his
second book.

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